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Texas Educators Vote!

  • Go to Texas Educators Vote
  • Take an oath to support public education with your votes in 2016
  • Ask your School Board to sign the Texas Association of School Board Culture of Voting Resolution.
  • Read a Voter's Guide for Educators
  • Find links to additional election resources. Sponsored by our friends at the Texas Association of Community Schools, Texas Rural Education Association, and Pastors for Texas Children. LWV-TX note: Excellent Voters Guide for Educators

  • Teach The Vote is a project of the Association of Texas Professional Educators. ATPE's goal for Teach the Vote is to provide information to voters about the public education views and platforms of every candidate running for the Texas Legislature and the State Board of Education. ATPE is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse candidates but provides information to its members and the public regarding candidates' positions on public education issues and ATPE priorities. LWV-TX note: Excellent resource for Teachers and Parents

  • Promote Standup for Texas Public Schools by the Texas Association of School Boards is a part of a campaign to help Texans learn things about their public schools they may not have known and encourage them to support those schools to be the best they can be. LWV-TX note Great video I'm not Old Enough children talk about the importance of public schools and voting. Also, excellent Take Action Page!

  • Vote Pro Public Education ATPE (2014)

  • Texas Educators share tips on being an informed voter by ATPE

Educate Our Texas Students about the Importance of Voting

  • Empowering High School Voters Toolbox

  • Post League First Time Voter or Answers flyers and posters

  • Present Get in the Game: Vote   Script to high school or college students on voting absentee or where they live while attending college.

  • Educate your student about voting and elections! UseTexas Education Guide K-12 2015-16 (A resource for teachers and schools)TEACHERS: For materials ready-to-use in your classrooms to prepare students as responsible voters and citizens, click on the link below. The League of Women Voters' Texas Voter Education Guide lists lessons on voting and civic participation gleaned from the best of the internet courses on civics and voting. Lessons are organized by grade (K-12) and are TEKS aligned. Also, additional resources are listed and described for those who want to explore further. LWV-TX note: Excellent resource for civic education in Texas.

  • League Mock Election Toolkit for 6-12 grade LWV-TX note: Have a fun mock election for your students!

  • LWVUS High School Voter Registration Training Manual: 3rd Edition LWV-TX note: great First Vote Content

  • Project Vote Project V.O.T.E. (Voters of Tomorrow through Education) is a program designed to help students become knowledgeable, responsible voters. This non-partisan program provides information on how to register to vote, student workers on Election Day, and the website.

Laws & High School Voter Registration