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Promote voting in your community. Ask your local radio station to play League Public Service Announcements in Spanish and English: Public Service Announcements for the radio available to promote: Registration, Vote by Mail, Early Voting, and Voter ID

Please help educate Texas voters by providing nonpartisan voter and election information from the League of Women Voters of Texas (LWV-TX).

LWV-TX is a nonprofit nonpartisan organization. We never support or oppose candidates or parties. We encourage informed and active participation in government. We have provided Texans with trusted voter and election information for 97 years.

LWV-TX has created PSAs on the following topics Registration, Vote By Mail, Early Voting, and Voter ID.

Help promote informed voting in Texas by playing these nonpartisan PSAs for your listeners.

Registration (Now-Oct 11.)

  • Sp/En 10 sec
  • Sp/En 30 sec

Vote by mail (Now-Oct 28)
  • Sp En 10 sec
  • Sp/En 15 sec
  • Sp/En 30 sec

Early Voting (Oct 23-Nov 4)
  • Sp/En 10 sec
  • Sp/En 30 sec

Voter ID (Now-Nov 8th)
  • Sp/En 10 sec
  • Sp/EN 30 sec

If you have any questions, please call the LWV-TX office.

Video for YouTube or TV Stations