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Transportation to the Polls

Transportation to the Polls!

Transportation service providers throughout the state are organizing to offer free or discounted rides to the polls during early voting and Election Day!

Public transit systems in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are planning to offer these services. Some taxi and other on-demand rideshare companies are going to present free rides. Rules and days of availability vary by location.

Local Leagues can reach out to their local transit providers to urge free rides during early voting and election day. An example of the service being offered by the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority is described in its media release.

A list of suggested actions to promote the programs.

1. List known ride providers on the Local League website
2. Promote the website information with social media
3. Keep a list of the free rides contacts handy for League members answering phone calls during early voting and on Election Day
4. Forward lists via emails to organizations suspected of having members or clients who need a ride
5. Participate in a media conference the third week of October to promote the new Voter ID requirements, early voting specifics and ride-to-the-polls programs available.

Paul Silver worked with the Austin League to begin the movement to promote free rides in Texas. To find out more about the statewide effort to offer rides to the polls, and receive suggestions on connecting with your local providers, contact Paul at

Voter Navigator Project

  • Childrens Defense Fund of Texas is working on the Voter Navigator Pilot Project. The pilot project is set in Travis county and creates a system of Voter Navigators - individuals who can provide one-on-one assistance over the phone and help voters with ANY question they might have. Organizations encouraging others to vote would not need to become experts in answering every potential voter question. Instead, they could talk about the importance of becoming a voter and provide any potential voter a phone number where they can get any questions answered by a trained and qualified Voter Navigator

Voter ID Presentations

  • American Constitution Society has many University chapters in Texas.
  • ACLU TexasThe American Civil Liberties Union of Texas is the leading civil rights organization in the Lone Star State.
  • Texas Civil Rights Project uses legal advocacy to empower Texas communities and create policy change. LWV-Texas note: Collaborators with the League on presentations concerning the Voter ID Law.

Presentations on Voter ID Law are available on LWV-TX YouTube Channel

LWV-Austin Area: Voting Rights in Texas and Beyond - Event 9/18/2016

  • In Part 1, the sponsoring organizations welcome the audience and introduce themselves.
  • In Part 2, Nancy Abudu, Director of Legal Operations, ACLU Florida, talks about a variety of voting issues and cases that the ACLU has been engaged with.
  • In Part 3, Chad Dunn, Chief Plaintiff's Litigator, Texas Voter ID Case describes his experiences in Texas fighting for voting rights.
  • In Part 4 Cassandra Champion, Staff Attorney, Texas Civil Rights Project discusses her voting rights challenges, focusing especially on the "Motor Voter" Law in Texas.

LWV-San Antonio: Texas Voter ID Law Forum: Where are we today? (9-20-16)