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Three Priority Issues for the 2017 Legislative Session

Election Laws and Voting Rights
Support every citizen's right to vote (Online Voter Registration & Same Day Registration), uniformly enforced election procedures, clearly stated election laws that facilitate voter engagement and turnout, improve transparency and public input in the redistricting process..

Women's Health
Support adequate funding for basic health care for those unable to pay. Protect the constitutional right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices with access to comprehensive reproductive health services and medically accurate sexuality education.

Public Education
Promote adequate state funding for public schools to ensure that all Texas school children receive a high-quality education. Oppose a voucher system. Support achievement tests that measure individual mastery and proficiency for diagnostic purposes, and a fair, non- punitive accountability system.


Action: To achieve an efficient, effective, and responsive state governmental system through constitutional revision and legislative action which would include:

Campaign Finance Reform -
Support fair campaign finance laws to reduce the perceived influence of large contributions to candidates and office holders.
Financing State Government
Promote adequate, fair funding for major state responsibilities such as public education and transportation.
Judicial Selection
Support the appointment/retention method and/or nonpartisan election of the judiciary.
Open Government
Promote transparency and public participation in government.
Public Policy on Reproductive Choice/Women's Health
Promote and protect women's access to health care, including all aspects of reproductive health.
Support transparency and public input in the redistricting process.
State and Local Relations -
Support increased county authority in order to better manage growth in urbanizing areas.
Texas Constitutional Revision -
Support the revision of the State Constitution to make it a framework of basic law.

Administration of Justice

Action: To achieve an equitable system of criminal justice in Texas for adults and juveniles which would include:

Capital Punishment
Promote a moratorium on the death penalty while an official study is conducted. Support the option of life sentence without parole in capital cases.
Criminal Justice -
Support a professional parole and probation staff and work to decrease their caseload. Provide a secure prison environment with maximum education opportunities.
Drug Laws and Policies
Support treatment programs for drug abuse and addiction as an alternative to incarceration.
Support state services for undocumented immigrants, especially in the area of education and healthcare. Monitor any attempt to curb civil rights of immigrants.
Juvenile Justice -
Support and fund substance abuse treatment, mental health needs, and education for youth at risk and for those incarcerated.

Social Policy and Human Resources

Action: To achieve equal rights for all; to combat discrimination and poverty; and to provide equal access to housing, employment, quality education, and health care in Texas which would include:

Child Abuse and Neglect
Support the development and implementation of adequate legislation, policies, services, and programs to protect children from abuse and neglect.
Child Health Care
Ensure that state budget cuts do not undermine children's access to health care. Improve enrollment and retention for CHIP and Children's Medicaid and maintain effective delivery systems for both. Preserve Texas' public health safety net.
Early Childhood
Support early childhood education professional development. Expand access to high quality pre-kindergarten. Improve safe care for infants and toddlers.
Equal Opportunity/Income Assistance
Support policies that improve well-being for families in poverty, programs that provide job training for living wage jobs, and equal education opportunities from preschool to higher education.
Health Care for the Elderly
Support increased funding to provide adequate programs to serve the elderly.
Health Care For Those of Lesser Means
Support providing basic health care services for those who are unable to pay. Basic services include emergency care, primary care, preventive care, care for catastrophic illness, nutrition, substance abuse treatment, and health education.
Services for Those with Behavioral Health Needs
Maintain and increase funding for services to persons with serious mental illness, and include post-crisis and crisis prevention community care.

Natural Resources

Action: To achieve conservation, protection, and judicious development of the state's natural resources which would include:

Air Quality
Support air quality and climate change legislation.
Promote incentives for renewable and clean energy sources and energy conservation. Monitor the building of coal fired plants and nuclear power plants. Promote energy policy to reduce global warming.
Hazardous Waste
Support safe transportation handling and disposal of radioactive materials. Support legislation promoting recycling efforts, in particular for electronic waste.
Land Use
Increase county authority to regulate land development. Support full funding for Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.
Increase funding for public roads, mass transit, and light rail.
Support funding for safe and adequate water supplies, using sound ecological/economic strategies that emphasize conservation. Support enhanced protection for environmental flows; Texas rivers, bays and estuaries.