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Help others Be a Texas Voter!

Handy Dandy Guide - English Be a Texas Voter poster First Time Vote poster

Poster size 42cm by 59.4cm Answers Poster or Letter size Answers Flyer

Poster size 42cm by 59.4cm First Time Voter Poster Letter size First Time Voter

Graphic with Voter IDs

Letter size Voter ID English Letter size Voter ID Spanish Poster size 42cm by 59.4cm Voter ID English

  • Be a Texas Voter When Where Why What Who Poster size 42cm by 59.4cm

  • Social media business cards (lists all the LWV-TX social media sites) Instructions: Use 10 cards per sheet (2" x 3" card size) business card stock to print or download to thumb drive and take to your local printer.

Info Card 2016 Front    Front of Card Social media business cards - back    Back of Card

  • Print up and hand out Voter bookmarks/cards with important local voter information.

  • Print up and hand out Texas Voter Bookmarks/cards in English and Spanish. Includes updated Voter ID info. LWV-TX note: Printing instructions: Use 8" x 11" cardstock paper. Set printer to two-sided printing. Use paper cutter/trimmer with a guide to cut each page into two bookmarks.

Social Media Graphics

Be a Texas Voter for twitter

Find Social Media graphics such as this on LWV-TX Facebook upload the images and share.

Other Nonpartisan Organization Voter Graphics