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Program Planning

Program Planning

The Program Planning Process

The League of Women Voters is a grassroots organization. That means that all League program emanates from the members, not from the Board of Directors. The League depends on the members to suggest areas of interest for studies, which may eventually become positions and so the foundation for our advocacy. We are engaged in this process of study this year at both the state level (Texas Water As a Commodity) and at the national level (The Federal Role in Education, and Privatization of Government Services).

Many of our positions date back to the early years of the League. To keep them fresh and up-to-date, we engage in a process called Program Planning every two years before our Convention. We want every member to review our program positions, and decide if they should be kept, dropped (if achieved or no longer relevant), amended, updated, or restudied. This is also the opportunity of suggest new studies.

Members should review We Support, a short list of our current program positions. The positions are elaborated more completely in the publication, "Program Perspectives 2012-14". Both of these can be found under the "Publications" link.

Program Planning for 2016-2018
Reports due January 8, 2016