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House Redistricting Com. Public Hearing 10.4.2021
By Stephanie Swanson
Posted on 10/3/2021 4:20 PM

House Redistricting Committee Will Hold Public Hearing on Monday, Oct. 4th at 9 AM 


Over the past two weeks, map drawers in Texas have revealed their proposed State House, Senate and Congressional district maps, drawing immediate criticism by fair maps advocates.  Despite the State's overwhelming growth in communities of color over the past decade, which accounted for 95% of the State's increase in total population, lawmakers are shamefully trying to take away representation for communities of color in an effort to maintain the governing party’s power. 


The newly released House map proposal would reduce the number of districts in which communities of color could elect candidates of choice by six (6), possibly more. The proposed map bears all the hallmarks of intentional racial discrimination. Moreover, it was released a mere four (4) days before the upcoming hearing is set to take place, making it extremely difficult for the public to notify their communities about the map, let alone determine its potential impact.  


 Voting rights advocates were concerned that something like this would happen, now that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (pre-clearance) is no longer in place. Texas was the only state in the nation not to gain pre-clearance of their maps in 2011, and, in fact, the federal court charged with reviewing those maps found them to be intentionally discriminatory against voters of color.  The newly proposed maps seem to double down on that 2011 gerrymander, taking away more representation for communities of color.


That being said, even without the State being subject to preclearance, Texas must still abide by Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and the Fourteenth Amendment.  And that’s why we need your help at the upcoming hearing on Monday to speak out against the current map proposals and demand that communities of color receive fair and effective representation that is guaranteed under the law. 


House Hearing to be Held on Monday, Oct. 4th at 9 AM
Hearing Notice
View House Map Proposal

Ways to participate in this hearing:


1. Register to Provide Virtual Testimony

Note that you must register by Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 9AM


2. Provide In-Person Testimony: Capitol Extension Auditorium, E1.004


3. Provide Written Comments: Texas residents who wish to electronically submit comments related to the following agenda items without testifying in person can do so until the hearing is adjourned.


For help preparing testimony, refer to our testimony guides:

The Senate has Scheduled a Hearing at the Exact Same Time as the House Hearing on Monday, Oct. 4th at 9 AM


The Senate will be accepting public comments on amendments to the Senate's proposal of Congressional Maps. And yes, you read that correctly.  The Senate's hearing is at the exact same time as the House's hearing on Monday.  Unfortunately, the Senate will only be allowing for in-person testimony. There is no option to participate virtually at this time.  You can, however, submit written comments through the Senate's Portal


The hearing will take place in the Senate's Chamber, and you must get a COVID test and wristband in order to present testimony on the Senate floor.  COVID testing is being held in Rm E1.010