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1212 Guadalupe St. #107
Austin, TX 78701

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Date: 10/1/2021
Subject: LWVTX Voters Guide - PDF & InDesign Version
From: Dorothy Marchand

Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.



Dear ~~first_name~~,

LWV Texas is happy to share with you the 2021 Constitutional Election Voters Guide in several versions so that you can choose which version best suits the needs of your League.  Please find the following:

  1. A PDF of the Voters Guide in original format in English LWVTX-VG-2021-11-ENG.pdfand in Spanish LWVTX-VG-2021-11-SP.pdf. This version is to be printed on newspaper size paper, to be used stand-alone or as an insert for a local newspaper.

  2. A PDF of the Voters Guide, formatted to be printed out on 8.5X11 size paper, in English LWVTX-VG-2021-11-8_5x11-SP.pdf and in Spanish LWVTX-VG-2021-11-8_5x11-SP.pdf. This version can be shared with voters and organizations who may want to print it out on a home/office printer.

  3. A web version of the Voters Guide in English LWVTX-VG-2021-11-ENG-web.pdf and Spanish LWVTX-VG-2021-11-SP-web.pdf. This version has interactive links and can be posted on your League’s website and can be shared with partner organizations to post on their websites

  4.  InDesign files that provide the graphically produced versions of the Guide that can be incorporated to produce your local Voters Guide.English versions: 


    a. English Versions

    1. Original format: LWVTX-VG-2021-11-ENG.indd

    2. 8.5X11 format:LWVTX-VG-2021-11-8_5x11-ENG.indd

    3. Web: LWVTX-VG-2021-11-ENG-web.indd


    b. Spanish Versions

    1. Original format: LWVTX-VG-2021-11-SP.indd

    2. 8.5X11 format:LWVTX-VG-2021-11-8_5x11-SP.indd

    3. Web: LWVTX-VG-2021-11-SP-web.indd

If you need the raw data files, please contact the League office at (512) 472-1100.  Good luck with the election, and thank you for all the amazing and hard work you are doing to inform Texas voters in your communities!

Dorothy Marchand
Vice President Voter Education
League of Women Voters of Texas
 1212 Guadalupe St. #107  Austin, Texas 78701
512-472-1100 ✯