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Date: 10/8/2021
Subject: Capital Action Report - League of Women Voters of Texas
From: Grace Chimene

Capitol Action Report left image
Dear ~~first_name~~,
Over the past two weeks, the Texas Legislature has released district map proposals for the Senate, State House, U.S. Congress and the State board of Education. All 4 map proposals seem to ignore the changing demographics of Texas and dilute the voting power of communities of color. Line drawers have chipped away at districts where communities of color are currently electing a candidate of choice, something that would not have happened if the pre-clearance provision of the Voting Rights Act was still in place.

We need your help to speak out against these maps and demand that communities of color receive fair and effective representation that is guaranteed under the law.

The House Redistricting Committee will be holding a hearing on the proposed Senate districts (SB 4) as well as for the State Board of Education districts (SB 7).

WHEN: Monday, October 11th, 9:00 AM
Have a look at the maps and the notice for the hearings by clicking on the links below:
Ways to participate in this hearing:

1. Register to Provide Virtual Testimony HERE.  (Note that you must register by Sunday Oct. 10th at 9AM)
2. Provide In-Person Testimony: Capitol Extension Auditorium, E1.004
3. Provide Written Comments HERE: Texas residents who wish to electronically submit comments related to the following agenda items without testifying in person can do so until the hearing is adjourned.

Talking Point on Senate Map Proposal HERE.
Here are some questions that you can use to help you evaluate the district maps:

1. Do the new district lines split up your community?
2. Do the other areas included in your district have common needs and concerns, or have you been grouped with far-off communities that are drastically different?
3. Is your community currently working together to overcome a problem? (For example, flooding or affordable housing.) Would these district lines prevent your community from working together to overcome those issues?
Be sure to respond to the Action Alerts below.
Thank you for standing with the League of Women Voters to empower voters and defend democracy in Texas!
Janet Imhoff
Vice President Advocacy
Reject Criminal Penalties Election Officials 2021
SB 10 targets election officials by  increasing  criminal penalties -  from a Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony. Non-election officials  accused of those offenses would continue to face a Class A misdemeanor.

Passing an omnibus election bill took all of the 2021 Regular Session, the first Special Session and almost all of the Second Special Session. Now the Senate is attempting to pass SB 10 that reverses a provision in the bill, with the author claiming he did not realize it was in the bill set to become law in December.

Tell your House Representative to reject this change!
Oppose bills against transgender Texans
Email your legislators!  Ask them to stop SB 3, SB 27, HB 10, HB 24, HB 84, HB 25, and HB 84 from reaching the House floor! All of these bills will be considered by two committees soon in response to Governor Abbott adding the item to block transgender children from playing on a UIL sport team except as the gender listed on their birth certificate.

League of Women Voters of Texas
1212 Guadalupe #107, Austin, Texas 78759